So much to look forward to

We always have a positive outcome and a hope to look forward to as Christians. There are numerous promises in God’s word that convince us of this fact, but¬†Psalm 23¬†contains a quiver full of promises that we can make our own in any circumstance.

  • We shall have NO lack, because God is our Shepherd. No lack means NO lack – you cannot interpret it in any other way.
  • In all circumstances God will give you peace and lead you to still and restful waters. He calms the storms, He does not cause them.
  • He will refresh and restore your life, no matter how broken, ‘dried up’ or lifeless you feel. This invigoration is something to look forward to!
  • You never have to fear or dread any evil, because God (the Protector) is with you.
  • You can look forward to a cup that runs over – meaning you will always be blessed with even MORE than you need.
  • You can look forward to three things following you ALL the days of your life: goodness, mercy and unfailing love. No other hidden clauses are included in this sentence – the verse says ONLY these things shall follow you.

Read this Psalm often if you feel despondent or fearful – every word is true. You can make it your own, keep it close to your heart and look forward to all that lies ahead!


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