The obedience of Christ

In most churches today the emphasis is placed on the believer’s responsibility to obey. Instead of focusing on our own efforts at holiness, we should be looking at Jesus’ obedience, and what that means for all believers!

Christ was obedient on our behalf. He paid the ultimate price – He was obedient unto death. None of us can compete with this, no matter how hard we try in our own effort! Adam’s disobedience caused all men to become sinners. Jesus’ obedience caused all believers to become righteous.

“For just as by one man’s disobedience (failing to hear, heedlessness, and carelessness) the many were constituted sinners, so by one Man’s obedience the many will be constituted righteous (made acceptable to God, brought into right standing with Him).” Rom 5:9

Jesus paid one amazing sacrifice, and this was enough to change our stance before God FOREVER.

“For by a single offering He has forever completely cleansed and perfected those who are consecrated and made holy.” Heb 10:14

If we testify about HIS obedience we bring Him more glory – instead of glorifying in our own obedience (and looking to our own efforts).

Lastly, in a normal human marriage the wife does not love the husband more because of His obedience (or vice versa). Love increases through relationship and trust, not obedience. In the same way God won’t love you more if you are more obedient to Him or love you less due to disobedience – He looks at you through Jesus (also see post: How God sees you).

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